Pigeon Post

My relationship with Citygirlfriend is moving forward.  I love her and her sons and the family time we share.

My extended family, however, doesn’t feel she’s right for me; and the conflict is causing stress lines.

When I was a boy I caught a pigeon easily because it couldn’t fly.  Its throat was torn open exposing a hole filled with tiny rocks.

“Dad, look at this pigeon,” I said.  “It has rocks in its throat.”

“Those are in its crop.  Birds use rocks to help digest their food,” Dad said.

“What do you think happened to it?”

“A hawk probably got it.”

“Look, it even has a band on its leg.  It belongs to somebody.  Can I keep it until it’s better?”


I thought about the person who owned this pigeon.  Probably in the city.  Maybe 150 miles away in Chicago.  He would be happy when the pigeon flew home.

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