Breakdown, Relationship, No Fix

Breakdowns are common on the farm.  Can you see the broken belt in this picture?  The belt is used to drive the pickup reel for the haybine.  (It pulls hay in, so the sickle can cut it).

Dad ran up to Hennessey’s and picked up a new belt.  Neither one of us is very mechanical, so we got out the owner’s manual and referred to the diagram as we put it on.

I envisioned taking a dramatic before and after picture to show you how we fix breakdowns.  I snapped the picture, and this is what I saw.

Not the dramatic before and after I was hoping for.  At least it was fixed.

I started mowing again and hit a rock and broke a blade in the sickle.  After fixing that, I started thinking about breakdowns and fixing.

We are always fixing this old haybine.  Can it ever really be fixed?  Fixed works better as a negative, taking something away, as in… “We took Rowdy to the vet and had him fixed.”

I guess working or broken would be better words.  Fixing is the act of moving something from broken to working.

My relationship with Citygirlfriend is working.  Like the haybine, some maintenance is required.  However, I’m no longer trying to fix it, and that gives me peace.

One Response to Breakdown, Relationship, No Fix

  1. Karen Ferguson says:

    Ahhh…surrender to what is! A difficult spiritual principle, but essential in relationships. You learn fast!

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