Mammoth Ass For Sale

I’m selling my Mammoth Ass.  Wilma is pictured above, with Citygirlfriend astride, and three of her coworkers aghast.

I’m not a horse person.  I do however, have confidence around donkeys.  I was able to lead and ride her with little training.   She has been happy living with the heifers in the pasture.  She makes a great guard donkey, and would defend her herd against dog or coyote.

Her problem is she likes to nip.  Her other problem is she can’t be trusted around small children.

So, I am reluctantly selling her.  Especially since she has an amazing ability I wrote about in this April 1st post.

3 Responses to Mammoth Ass For Sale

  1. chainey says:

    To bad I’ve already got a huge ass.

    (Yes, I know: too obvious, but I couldn’t resist)

  2. Elaine Cline says:

    How much is she and how tall

  3. Sorry Elaine, this was posted several years ago and she was sold shortly thereafter.

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