Old MacDonald’s Farm

Old MacDonald called.  He wants his farm back.

We’ve added a dog, two lambs, four goats, two ponies, and a boarder, to the cattle, hogs, chickens, and cats who already called this farm home.

What have I learned?

  1. Goats are as smart as dogs.
  2. Sheep are half as smart as goats.
  3. Ponies and boarders are fun, interesting, and trouble.

We started in January with Sparky, a Rat Terrier mix from the Dane County Humane Society.  Then we got two bottle goats, which Citygirlfriend and sons kept warm and fed through all those cold days and night of winter.  They’re pictured in this post.  Melissa visited for the first time also, in a blizzard, and liked it.

In March, Shepherd sold his bottle calf from last summer at the local livestock auction.  He put his profits into a pregnant dairy goat, Amber, pictured below.  She was supposed to kid in a couple of weeks, but had a healthy kid the next day.  The kid is named Oreo, and is in the next picture.

Thinking Gameboy needed more chores, we bought two, orphaned, Icelandic lambs from my partners for Gameboy to bottle feed.  One is in the top picture. Fortuitously, Melissa quit her job and moved in with us, so she took over the chore of helping Gameboy feed the lambs.

Melissa is finding herself, or finding a husband.  If you are a single farmer reading this, she is fun, interesting, 27 years old, and no more trouble than any other woman.  I’m also offering a dowry of two ponies, lambs negotiable.

Melissa and Citygirlfriend started asking about ponies.  I made a list of all the things that needed to be done before we could get ponies, thinking they wouldn’t put forth the effort.  Lo and behold, they were serious.  They hired a carpenter and remodeled the old hog shed into a goat and lamb shed.  They fixed up the old stable, and made a tack/grooming room out of the old feed room.  So, the bottom picture shows Melissa with her Welsh ponies.  All I can say is I’ll keep you updated.

2 Responses to Old MacDonald’s Farm

  1. wsb says:

    Who knew goats were so photogenic?

  2. Maria Killam says:

    You have a great sense of humour I love the way you write! And I adore Sparky and wish I could take him home with us!

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