Meat and Greens

“Smell this and tell me if it’s good,” Citygirlfriend said, holding an old bag of hamburger.

When I met Citygirlfriend, she didn’t really eat or touch meat.  On our first date, I served her a single hamburger, with Goosefoot Greens, (Chenopodium album), on the side.

I guess she figured, ‘When in Rome,’ because she tried to eat it.  She’s been game ever since, and usually cooks meat or eggs for every meal.  I love it.

Melissa is a vegetarian, which is ok.  What I’m really enthused about is how she’s taken to foraging for wild food.  She has developed a recipe with Stinging Nettle leaves and Quinoa.  Quinoa is a member of the Chenopodium genus, and a relative of  Goosefoot Greens.

Hamburger and Chenopodium, who would a thunk it?

3 Responses to Meat and Greens

  1. Karen says: made her a hamburger with greens on the side? How lovely. She’s blessed.

    Her memory won’t suffer so much: mine is coming back slowly. I’m still down over 68 pounds…which is a lotta weight when one actually sees a picture. Vegetarianism wan’t for me, no was raw foodism, or veganism. I was overfed and undernourished.

    What a great story! Melissa…friend forager?

  2. curiousfarmer says:

    Congratulations Karen on your weight loss! Melissa is living with us. I told a little about her in the “Old MacDonald” post.

  3. Maria Killam says:

    My mom has been feeding us stinging nettles for years. You pick them in the spring when they are fresh and clean. I have never tried it with quinoa though, haha, that sounds good!

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