Our Goat-Proof Garden

Our garden.  If gardening was a sport, Citygirlfriend would be tested for performance-enhancing drugs.   Click to see her garden last year.

Our garden is actually a collaborative effort.  She has  lettuce, spinach, and tomatoes.  The boys and I have potatoes, peas, radishes, beets.

We had to put up a two-strand electric fence, powered by a battery fence charger, to keep the goats out.  It’s probably not true that goats will eat anything, but they will try anything, and take seconds and thirds of stuff they like.

What goats really like is to browse trees and bushes.  They will take every advantage to reach a little higher.

Look at how they pruned the cherry tree, pictured below, as far as they could reach.  Using livestock for landscaping has probably been practiced  forever, but it’s experiencing something of a resurgence.  I see why.

One Response to Our Goat-Proof Garden

  1. Tzipporah says:

    Looks a LOT better than last year’s. It’s been a decade since I was able to plant straight in the ground – since moving to the Willamette valley (OR), we’ve got so much clay here it’s raised beds or nothing. Now if only I could find electric fencing that would keep out symphalens and slugs…

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