Happy Father’s Day!

This is my second Father’s Day, but the first where I feel I’ve really put in the work.  Parenting has more challenges than rewards, but I’m thankful to have the opportunity.

Shepherd is a budding writer, and updates a blog for family and friends.  I thought I would share the following entry from his blog.  It made my day.

Last year I raised baby tadpoles and set them free as frogs. And this year I’m going to do it again. A few days ago, I went down to my grandparents pond with my dad and we caught one very interested toad, but we let it go because the tadpoles are what we want to raise and we will just let frogs and toads be loose. That’s the main thing in project.

It’s fun to catch the tadpoles in the pond. Me and my dad also caught a leopard frog. It’s a not a frog-sized leopard! It’s basically a leopard-quick frog that’s yellow with black dots, but not poisonous.

Two big achievements that me and my dad made were:

1. Catching a bullfrog tadpole with legs. The back row of legs, that is.

2. Another thing we did was we found the tadpole nest. But we didn’t take anything from it because it would disturb the nest. That’s where we found a leopard frog, but we didn’t catch it. We found the leopard we caught on our way back to the truck. The reason we didn’t keep the frogs and toads we caught was because they would probably eat the small tadpoles.

I had a great time.

3 Responses to Happy Father’s Day!

  1. Karen says:

    Priceless. Happy Daddy’s Day!!!!

  2. chris says:

    In his post, you can see how much Shepherd has learned from his dad about satisfying one’s curiosity; about frog conservation; about “achievements” as viewed by a curious boy; about writing a sound sentence (and the self-motivation to write/communicate).

    I noticed the “fatherliness” in last week’s post about you and your dad and the calving cow. When it came to the happy ending–a live-born calf–you asked your dad, and he smiled. I read a lot into that . . .

    Happy Father’s Day. I think you guys are an important family. I love to know that things are happenin’ and growin’ on the Farm.

  3. @TheGirlPie says:

    This is lovely, every time Shepherd wrote “my dad” I felt good for your having earned it. (And lordie, I suspect the kids are the least of the battle ~!)
    Your farm is growing curious young men ~ keep up the good work. Happy Father’s Day.

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