Farm Fitness: Tree Climbing

Shepherd has been diagnosed with Asperger’s since the age of two.  What this means is that he would rather be home alone than out with people.  I sympathize, because that’s where I would rather be.

He also has tactile issues, and is not very coordinated.  I remember one of his first visits to the farm with his brother and a couple of friends.  The other kids played in the mud of the creek, and Shepherd cried on the bank because he didn’t want the mud in the car.

The farm has been great for Shepherd.  We haven’t put a lot of pressure on him to change, but we wait for something he really wants to do, then help him make progress.  Now he can wash a pig, stick his hand inside a pumpkin, and climb a tree.


2 Responses to Farm Fitness: Tree Climbing

  1. Karen says:

    Your story about your [step] son….touched me to tears….
    Who wouldn’t thrive with that kind of environment, support and love?
    One doesn’t have to read a book to believe it to be true.

    Shepard is going to thrive beyond your wildest imagination.

    Karen in CA

  2. curiousfarmer says:

    Thanks, Karen!

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