First Snow, With Children


“Oh no!”  I said as I looked outside last Saturday morning.  “Oh no!”

We received  three inches of unexpected snow.  I had cut a large amount of wood in the pasture and left it to split and pick up.  Normally I like to pick it up if I cut it, because if it snows, you’re digging through the snow to pick up the wood.  I was overreacting though, because the snow melted in a few days and I was able to split and stack the wood on a hay rack to dry.

The boys however, reacted with joy.  Each got a shovel and built a private fort.  Gameboy’s came up to his knees, but he described it to a friend as a room he could walk in.

Once the snow started to melt and stick together, they built a snowman.  Now the snowman is the only remnant of our first snow.  Oh well, I’m sure there will be more.

2 Responses to First Snow, With Children

  1. chris says:

    I hope this season finds you and your family celebrating many ways, many things, for many reasons: stability, a new business, successful problem-solving, children-as-teachers.

  2. Oh. sooo cool for kids…and if we are smart, we jump in too! I saw a soft slow snow in Illinois at Thanksgiving. The flakes were sooo big, you could almost see the patterns from a yard away! Loved it.

    Lucky boys…and how fun for them.
    Off to LA, a wolrd apart and then Omaha and then, Merida, Yucatan.
    Happy Happy 2012!

    Karen in CA

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