Cat Fort With Kittens

The boys enjoy building flights of fancy with whatever they can find.  Coyote traps which collapse on touch, skateboards, and the latest, which is called a “cat fort.”

Unlike the other building projects which failed to trap or skate, a mama cat chose the fort to give birth.  She is raising four kittens with lots of attention from the boys.

5 Responses to Cat Fort With Kittens

  1. Elisabeth says:

    Thats great that the mama chose the box…that will encourage the kids to continue inventing! Great entry–it brings back so many wonderful memories of growing up on a farm. I wish everyone could expeirence childhood this way.

  2. Miles Allen says:

    Say Farmer, do U know why the Michigan Department of Natural Resources has been raiding pig farms and killing all the livestock? Just what is the Invasive Species Order? This story has been on Drudge Report for two days now. Thanks!

  3. Miles Allen says:

    Farmer, didn’t realize that those pigs were feral hogs. Completely different story. We have a major problem with them here in East Texas. We actually shoot them on sight, but they are slowly taking over due to a high birth rate and abundant food all year. .308 works great, BTW.

  4. pjf says:

    So it looks like you’re very trendy — same topic (building forts) — in The New York Times:

    And your post came before theirs; good timing.

  5. Matt Solverson says:

    The kids want a cat and I tell them they don’t have a barn for the cat to live in. Hope they don’t read your blog

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