Stray Dog

A dog showed up one evening.  It was shy, scratchy, and emaciated.  It didn’t have a collar.  It looked like some sort of coon-hunting dog.  It wouldn’t approach within twenty yards.  It was in obvious distress.

I figured the most merciful thing to do would be to shoot it in the head.  I knew I couldn’t do that, though.  The softies in my family wanted to feed it.  I guess I would have to be included in that group because I got the meat and cut it into throw-able chunks we could toss at her.

Once we fed her, she stayed around and howled outside the house most of the night.  I didn’t get to sleep until 1 am.  I figured I knew why her previous owner got rid of her.

Another day of feeding her and night of howling and she finally let us pet her.  Once she started trusting us, the howling stopped.  So now we call her Cider.  She sleeps on the porch and follows us around all day looking for attention.  Since she’s put on some weight, she’s starting to look more like a Lab.

We put a perfunctory ad in the paper, mainly to show the boys the right thing to do.  I doubt anyone is looking for her.  I’m sure someone took her for a ride and dropped her off.  It ‘s such a cowardly way to deal with unwanted animals.  Most end up suffering before they die.

7 Responses to Stray Dog

  1. chris says:

    Some people have an “adoptive” nature. Is that what you mean by being a “softie”?
    The dog is now a member in your pack. So, of course, she follows you around. It is affiliative behavior. She is true to her nature.
    In this crazy time–especially in Wisconsin–of divisiveness, political anger and road rage, a dog is a sweet, loyal, & mellow influence.
    Is it corny to think she was sent to you, and through you, to your readers, to lead us to calm-down and mellow-out?

  2. parmfarm says:

    Thank you for sharing Cider’s story. I am so glad you saved her. We are all strays at some point in our lives.

    Amy Parmenter
    The ParmFarm

  3. cathylee says:

    I love hound dogs. When loved they give a lot of love back. I just hope she won’t have an appetite for chicken.

  4. Karen says:

    I knew I loved you….you are the reason why ” you lucky dog” came into existence!

    Pet Cider for me and give her a kiss on the lips. I love all dogs.
    Karen in CA

  5. Thank you for all your kind comments and finding the metaphors in the story.
    She is definitely part Lab and young. Her mouthiness is starting to come out. She grabs a towel and runs it around the yard. I caught her taking a bike helmet off the handlebars of a bike and carrying it to the shade to chew on.

  6. MReese says:

    I love that you’ve adopted a stray. Sometimes I wonder if we rescue them or they rescue us. Silly and over-dramatic, I know. But still there’s something there.

  7. Thanks for taking care of Cider. My boyfriend and I adopted her from the Humane Society in November and love her very much. She’s the cutest dog in the whole world! We actually bring her out to Verona a lot so she can go to the dog park and wander around my office after hours.

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