Boy and Dog in Doghouse

The nights are getting cold.  We had our first frost.

I put insulation and a door on Cider’s doghouse.  Of course Gameboy had to try out this cozy space.  I remember when I was small and saw different than the grownups.

5 Responses to Boy and Dog in Doghouse

  1. chris says:

    So,. does this mean that you don’t have Cinder in the house? Most farmers don’t have their dogs in the house, yes? It used to be that way on my ex-husband’s dairy farm, anyway

  2. Yes, Cider is an outside dog. We have Sparky, the Rat Terrier/Chihuahua, in the house.

  3. Great Idea for the door. We’re in Northern B.C. and winter is coming along and we have three guardian dogs that are going to need winter accommodation. Got your site from your post in Pastured Pork. Can’t fathom 14 cents for your boar. That would have made four hundred pounds of great tasting sausage!

  4. Cider is so pretty. Can I ask why you put her up for adoption? Was it because she harassed the livestock?

  5. Yes, she was hard on the chickens and cats. She left the larger livestock alone.

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