King of the Hill


I noticed my boys playing on the pile of snow I made from scraping up the driveway.  So it became a game for me to see how awesome of a hill I could make.

This latest hill is 9 feet tall with super-steep sides.  After struggling to climb to the top, Shepherd actually requested a not-so-awesome hill next time.

2 Responses to King of the Hill

  1. avant garde designer says:

    What a fun dad you are! And how great it is your boys are playing outside in winter. If everyone spent more time outdoors, even in the bitter cold, they would be much healthier. It’s nature’s flu shot!

  2. Anne Guarnieri says:

    Hi Curious Farmer,
    Found your site on a Paleo Madison search. My family is also paleo(my teens are only half way there) and we have a small grass fed farm(Black Angus) between Darlington and Mineral Point. We would love to touch base with you as we are looking for grass fed hogs and chickens. Your site is great!
    Dan and Anne

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