Carb Diet


Can carbs be added to my diet without weight gain?  How much carbs can be added?  Is there a difference in carbs?  Will I be able to stabilize my weight?  Will I lose my sanity as I continue to document my diet and weight?  These questions will all be answered here.

This page will document my daily carb intake and weight.  My weight is taken first thing in the morning so look at the next day’s weight to see if carb intake from the day before correlated with weight gain.

I will continue to eat as much red meat as I care to.  Assume I am eating levels similar to the meat diet journal unless noted otherwise.

I will also document any exercise or unusually difficult farm work.

Carbs are in net grams, (carbs minus dietary fiber), and are taken off packages or estimated from other sources.  Challenge my figures if they seem off.

March 16:  149.5 lbs. Total grams Carbs:  53C.   4 sv. mixed nuts 16 gram Carbs, 1 sv. spinach 1C, 1 sv. celery 4C, half sv. radishes 2C, 1 sv. strawberries 5C, 1 Lindor dark chocolate truffle 15C?, small glass wine 12C.

March 17:  149.5 lbs.  Total Carbs:  59C.  mixed nuts 16C, celery 4C, radishes 2C, wine 12C, small cheesecake-type desert 25C?.

March 18:  152 lbs.  45C.  mixed nuts 16C, lettuce 1C, rice on a tuna sushi roll 20C, broccoli 1C, cauliflower 2C, strawberries 5C.

March 19:  NA weight.  45C.  mixed nuts 16C, celery 4C, radishes 2C, spinach 1C, strawberries 5C, broccoli 2C, lindor chocolate 15C.  Traveling,  tired today.

March 20:  149 lbs.  101C.  mixed nuts 16C, celery 4C, broccoli 2C, cauliflower 2C, chocolate 15C, half banana 12C, baked potato 50C.

March 21:  150.5 lbs.  ?C.  mixed nuts, celery, broccoli, milkshake, cake.  Attended a hospital benefit dinner.  Passed on the bread and potatoes.

March 22:  152.5 lbs.  Birthday cake.  Much driving this past week.  Looking forward to getting back into a walking routine.

March 23:  154.5 lbs.  It appears I can’t have my cake and eat it too.  I have gained 5.5 lbs. in the last three days.  That is a respectable rate-of-gain for my pigs and cattle.  If I continue at this rate, I will be clinically obese in a month.  Today I ate a bananna, radishes, celery, spinach, and a little chocolate.

March 24:  154.5 lbs.  Apple, broccoli, pecans, strawberry-rhubarb pie, 2 pieces pizza, long island iced tea.  Had a date with a woman from Honduras.  She doesn’t speak English.  I don’t speak Spanish.  Surprisingly, it wasn’t the most awkward date I’ve ever had.

March 25:  153.5 lbs.  Mixed nuts, apple, radishes, bun, baked beans, small strawberry sundae.

March 26:  155 lbs.  Mixed nuts, celery, 3 pieces chocolate, tuna roll sushi, fried cheese curds-Wisconsin appetizer.

March 27:  154.5 lbs.  Peanuts, celery, mashed potatoes, chocolate, cookie.  The carbs are making me feel washed-out.

March 28:  154 lbs.  Peanuts, celery, chocolate, vanilla malt, chili, apple, onions, peas.

March 29:  154.5 lbs.  Red wine, bananna, apple, radishes, strawberries, 3 cookies, ice cream.  The more carbs I eat, the more I want to eat.

March 30:  155.5 lbs.  Bananna, apple, radishes, strawberries, broccoli, chocolate.  Walked more today.

March 31:  154.5 lbs.  Bananna, apple, radishes, strawberries, mixed nuts, cinammon roll, chocolate, red wine, popcorn.

April 1:  156 lbs.  Bananna, apple, radishes, strawberries, mixed nuts, chocolate, broccoli, lettuce.  Played basketball tonight.

April 2:  156 lbs.  Bananna, apple, radishes, mixed nuts, chocolate, ice cream, green beans, yam, red wine, popcorn.

April 3:  153.5 lbs.  Bananna, apple, radishes, mixed nuts, chocolate, pizza.  I have no idea why my weight dropped.  Ate mucho carbs yesterday.

April 4:  155 lbs.  Bananna, apple, mixed nuts, donut, chocolate, pizza, cookies.  Ran 2 miles on track.

April 5:  157.5 lbs.  Bananna, cookies, apple pie, apple, chocolate.  The carbs are biting back.  Exercise ineffective antidote.  Playing basketball tonight.

April 6:  155.5 lbs.  Bananna, apple, broccoli, radishes, pineapple, chocolate, pecans, ice cream.

April 7:  154 lbs.  Apple, radishes, onions, chocolate, Mom’s homemade oatmeal rolls, yum!

April 8:  154 lbs.  Oatmeal rolls, broccoli, mashed potatoes, celery, strawberries, raspberry/pretzel/cream cheese dessert.

April 9:  155 lbs.  Oatmeal rolls, mashed potatoes, strawberries, celery, raspberry/pretzel/cream cheese dessert, chocolate.  I’m buying shares in a cacao plantation.  Anyone else like to invest?

April 10:  156 lbs.  Strawberries, celery, chocolate, mixed nuts, apple, monster cookies, cheesecake.

April 11:  158 lbs.  Bananna, apple, mixed nuts, sweet corn, broccoli, cheesecake.

April 12:  158 lbs.  Bananna, apple, mixed nuts, sweet corn, cheesecake, raspberry pie.  Next holiday will be spent planting a tree instead of eating my weight in cheesecake.

April 13:  157.5 lbs.  Apple, mixed nuts, sweet corn, raspberry pie, peach pie.  Rain today.  Feeling washed out after my hard week of planting and guests and refined carbs.

April 14:  155 lbs.  Apple, mixed nuts, celery, cookies, chocolate, pizza.

April 15:  157.5 lbs.  Apple, green beans, chocolate, cookies, spaghetti, potatoes.

April 16:  157.5 lbs.  Green beans, celery, chocolate, cookies, spaghetti, mashed potatoes, popcorn.

April 17:  156.5 lbs.  Chocolate, cookies, chicken noodle soup, jello, baked potato, broccoli.  Had my teeth cleaned today.  Hi to Carrie.

April 18:  155.5 lbs.  Chocolate, bannana, jello, potatoes, stinging nettle.

April 19:  155.5 lbs.  Bananna, apple, chocolate, biscuit, pineapple, celery.

April 20:  156 lbs.  Bananna, apple, chocolate, biscuit, potatoes, cookies, ice cream, pizza.

April 21:  157.5 lbs.  Apple, chocolate, celery, cinammon roll, baked potato, pizza.

April 22:  157 lbs.  Chocolate, celery, cinammon roll, cookies, green beans, mashed potatoes, ice cream.

April 23:  156.5 lbs.  Chocolate, celery, cookies, spinach, onions, apple.

April 24:  155.5 lbs.  Chocolate, cookies, spinach, radishes, bannana, apple, rolls, vanilla malt, mixed nuts.

April 25:  156 lbs.  Chocolate, spinach, bananna, mashed potatoes, broccoli, strawberries, grape tomatos, mixed nuts.

April 26:  158 lbs.  Chocolate, spinach, bananna, strawberries, tomatos, mixed nuts, celery, pizza.

Well it’s been another six weeks.  I’ve gained back about half the weight I lost on the meat diet.  But I’m still ten pounds lighter than at the start of the meat diet.  I think I know how to control my weight with a restriction of refined carbs.  I’m suspending my daily diet log but will keep you aware of any new health developments.  I will take another, better, lipid test next winter.

2 Responses to Carb Diet

  1. N Le says:

    According to red wine (cab) has about 11.5g of carb per 5oz serving.

    Check out for another good resource for nutrition facts.

  2. James says:

    Red wine must vary.

    I have a “calorie counter” book that put it at 2g of carbs per 4 oz serving. It didn’t specify the variety of wine.

    I tend to believe N Le’s number more as the calorie counter book one seemed really low to me.

    I do notice that I can drink a lot of wine and still be in small ketosis the next day.

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