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How awesome are you?  You are interested enough in your food to make the extra effort to buy direct from a farmer.  Thank you!  We strive to make the process straightforward, and you’ll be making a connection with a farmer!

The Best Grass-Finished Beef and Pastured Pork is found right here.  Our chickens produce the best eggs your family has ever tried.

You can find us Saturday mornings at the Dane County Farmers Market, located around the capital, in Madison Wisconsin.  We are almost always set up at the top of Carroll street, intersecting with Main.  Preorders are encouraged to make sure we save whatever you need.  Email Matthew:

We also deliver larger orders and have drop-offs in the Madison area.  Contact me if you would like to host a drop-off.

And you can visit and pick up from the farm, located between Darlington and Mineral Point, Wisconsin.

Rob emails, Cooked up a huge brisket on Sunday. Still (happily) enjoying leftovers. Delicious.  Thanks. The process was totally manageable on our end; engaging, personable and straight forward. Everything we hoped for and expected.

Take a look and email Matthew with your order:

Grass-Finished Beef

Prices per lb

Tenderloin $23.95  

NY Strip $19.95

Ribeye $19.95.

Flank $15.95.  

Skirt  $15.95.  

Hanging Tender  $15.95.  

Sirloin $15.95

Petite Tender  $15.95.  

Flat Iron $15.95.  

Shredded Beef  $10.95.  

TriTip Roast. $10.95.  

Sirloin Tip Roast $6.95. 

Short Ribs $ 6.95

Back Ribs  $ 6.95. 

Chuck Roast  $ 6.95.  

Arm Roast  $  6.95.  

Rolled Rump. $. 6.95

Brisket  $ 6.95.  

Boneless Stew $ 6.95.  

Ground Beef $ 6.95. 

Hamburger Patties $ 6.95.

Soup Bones  $ 6.95

Oxtail  $  6.95.  

Heart  $ 4.95.  

Liver  $ 4.95.  

Tongue  $ 4.95.  

If you like pork, you’ll love our pastured/hoophouse pork!  Check out video here.  Customers are raving about the flavor.

Bill emails, We`ve very much been enjoying the pork you raised, fantastic flavor, and I`ve been spreading the word to friends of mine…Avon did a great job processing and curing the bacon and hams…  The bacon is some of the best I`ve had in a long time, and I think you`ve got a great partner there. After living many years in Hungary, where the pork culture and varieties of bacon are akin to Wisconsin cheese varieties, I can say that it`s really special to find a producer such as yourself and a good processor to boot.”

Jeremy emails, The meat is delicious. We’ve only had the ham and bacon so far, I may make some chops later this week and maybe some sausage and sausage links this weekend. I simmered the bones over the past couple days. I tasted a bit of the stock. So rich and nutty. I’m loving it so far.”

Pastured/Hoophouse Pork

Prices per lb

Tenderloin $18.95.

Pulled Pork  $ 10.95.  

Natural  Bacon $ 10.95. 

Cottage Bacon $ 9.95.  

Canadian Bacon $ 9.95.  

Bone-in Chops $ 6.95

Boneless Chops $ 6.95. 

Ham Slices, Deli Style  $ 6.95.

Ham Steak $ 6.95  

Smoked Ham $ 5.95. 

Ham Hocks, Shanks $ 5.95. 

Shoulder Roast $ 5.95

Spare Ribs $ 6.95.  

Baby Back Ribs  $ 6.95.  

Ground Pork $ 5.95.  

Breakfast Sausage, Links $ 6.95  

Breakfast Sausage, Ground $ 6.95. 

Italian Sausage, Brats  and Ground$ 6.95.  

Chorizo Sausage, Brats and Ground  $ 6.95. 

Precooked Pork Bratwurst $  6.95.  

Rendered Lard, 4 lb tub, $ 2.50 per lb

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