Welcome visitors!  Thank you for taking an interest in farming and food.  Take a look around and email me, (Matthew), with any questions: oakgrovelane@yahoo.com.

The Best Grass-Finished Beef and Pastured Pork is found right here.  The best eggs you’ve ever tasted are available to farm visitors.

You can find us at the Dane County Farmers Market, around the capital on Saturday mornings. We are almost always located at the top of Carroll street intersecting with Main.   Preorders are encouraged to make sure we save whatever you need.  Email Matthew:  oakgrovelane@yahoo.com

We also deliver larger orders and have drop-offs in the Madison area.  Contact me if you would like to host a drop-off.

And you can always come right to the farm for a visit and get your food here.

I’m Matthew, still indulging my curiosity and hoping to never lose my sense of wonder about this amazing world.  My wife is Isabel, photographer and quality control for Curiousfarmer.

8 Responses to About

  1. Al Drewno says:

    Can we order eggs from you on a weekly basis and pick them up at the market?

  2. Shay Kelley says:

    last market we got bacon and ham from you how can we get more?

  3. Shay Kelley from Garver Mills says:

    I did not get an email and can’t figure out how to place ab order or when/where in madison you will be here. interested in 4- 1 pound packs regular bacon, a ham roast for 6 adults; 2 packs pulled pork, 1 pack pork chops

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