Quarters of Beef


Place your order now, for a quarter of beef in the green season.   Check out a video of the cattle here.

It can be intimidating to place your first cutting order, but Andrew at Avon Locker will walk you through the process.  Customers have been pleasantly surprised at how user-friendly the whole process has been.

Rob emails, Cooked up a huge brisket on Sunday. Still (happily) enjoying leftovers. Delicious.  Thanks. The process was totally manageable on our end; engaging, personable and straight forward. Everything we hoped for and expected. I really liked that I could order cuts and packages exactly the way I wanted them.”

Here is how purchasing a quarter works:

We book a date with Avon Locker.  We dry-age the beef for two weeks, so sometime during those two weeks you call and talk to Avon Locker with your cutting order.  If you know exactly how you want your beef, great.  If not, Andrew will walk you through all your options.  You will pay Avon directly for the processing and it will be around $150 per quarter depending on how much processing you have done.

The amount you pay to us for the beef is based on hot carcass weight, which is the weight after the hide and offal have been removed, but before further processing is done.

That weight will be around 175 lbs per quarter and we are currently charging $3.30 per lb.  So the cost will be around $575.

So the total cost for a quarter of beef will be around $675.

The packaged, take-home beef will be around 120 lbs, again depending on how much processing you have done as minimal processing will result in a greater amount of take-home beef vs. removing bones, etc.

Email if you are interested or if you have any questions.

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