Looking for Feedback

*New picture of my cattle on the For Sale page.

Thank you for your interest in the meat diet.  The meat diet will finish March 15.  I will take a blood test March 16.  I should have the results up by March 18.

I started the meat diet to satisfy my own curiosity.  Until I started connecting with others through the internet, I knew of no other person that had read “Good Calories, Bad Calories.”

I realize now, that I am not a lone wolf.  I have found excellent nutrition and lifestyle blogs:  Mark’s Daily Apple, Hyperlipid, Protein Power.

The original intention of this blog, though, was to “connect people with farmers.”  My thought is that people are longing for a greater connection with their food and farmers.  In the not-so-distant past nearly everyone was a farmer.  Then, everyone grew up on a farm.  Then, everyone’s grandparents had a farm.  Now, most have lost that connection.  This is probably part of the reason that farmer’s markets have been increasing.

So, I am looking for feedback.  You may have came here for the meat diet.  Did you find anything else interesting or useful?  Do you want a greater connection to food and farming?  What are you curious about?  Would you like to see more pictures or video?

Some post ideas I have, include:  US farm program, genetics-bull buying, Hispanic farm workers, hay sale, nutrient content of manure, nutrient removal by crops, breeding chickens, cattle sale, pork carcass, heritage breeds, GM corn, spring planting, spring calving, our chores, backyard chicken production, getting started with pig production.

Thank you for your feedback.


4 Responses to Looking for Feedback

  1. James says:

    I want to hear what experiences and memories other people have had on a farm. I grew up on one, and I am very grateful for that. The downside was that the nearest kid was a mile bike ride away, and a trip to the grocery store was twelve miles away. I loved being able to enjoy the space a farm has.

    Thinking back there was always dangerous machinery around, that was made even more dangerous because my dad was a firm believer in removing safety shields. Somehow we managed to stay clear of any harm.

  2. Rad says:

    Dear Curious Farmer,

    I would like to know more about edible vegetation native to the Wisconsin Area and more specifically, how could this be used for pig feed in particular. I would also like to know, depending on the type of vegetation, how would the meat taste-how saleable would the product be and overall how would it taste. What I have in mind is a more savage/wild flavor of wild boar meat which is highly prized in Europe.

  3. wsb says:

    Came here to hear about your diet results, I expected them to be good. Am enjoying learning more about animal husbandry/marketing. I am not sure I want to but a quarter cow for myself, but that was an interesting post and I may use if to fill my sister’s freezer.

  4. J9 says:

    We started a conversation about healthcare and how you take responsibility for yourselves but we didn’t have time to finish. Can you write about it if we don’t see you soon in person?

    We also plant corn, beans, and squash together as well as their relations such as sunflowers, summer and winter squash, a wide variety of beans. In 2007, I used an electric fence to keep out raccoons which worked but find that the squash ‘carpet’ alone does equally well and I think combining the three sisters helped keep the corn in the ground last week when there were rough storms. They were knocked over a bit but stood back up within a week.

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