Salvage: A Junk Run to Belmont



Loaded for a junk run to 1st Capitol Salvage in Belmont.

As we accumulate trash on the farm, we sort.  Recyclables, trash, and metal.  We take the recyclables and trash to our township pickup point in Calamine, open two days a week.   This is a service paid for by our property taxes. 

The metal is thrown into an old wagon and when the wagon is full we make a junk run.  This happens a few time per year.  The fun part about this is that scrap metal is actually worth something.  So as we get rid of what we consider trash, we have a payday.

1st Capitol Salvage was paying $100 per ton, yesterday.  I don’t know if this is a good or bad price.  I do know that a few years ago there was a huge demand for scrap metal and prices were at least double.  I saw junk moving out of fields and fencelines that hadn’t moved in my lifetime.  People made part-time jobs out of cleaning up other people’s junk.

We never let our farm get to the point where a junk-man would salivate.   It’s a constant struggle to keep a farm looking decent.  I’m glad we have a system in place to help us.

Our small load only weighed 580 lbs.  We drove away with a check for $29 dollars.  Another successful junk run!

One Response to Salvage: A Junk Run to Belmont

  1. karen says:

    that Butler tin storage bin woulda gone for something in CA…more than 29 bucks. 🙂 They cover walls of my favorite place in Mississippi, Clarksdale. The Shack Up Inn [no kidding] uses it all.

    The owner salvaged about 9 slave shacks and in homage to history and the locals, restored them [I know…dubious memories] and now people stay in them, while the blues plays in the “cathedral” and lawn and juke joint, called ?? *sigh* years of low fat dogma has gimped my brain, but its coming back@!! Well, it’s next door, an old cotton mill and it’s on line.

    Red’s in Clarksdale? Sigh….a classic juke joint.
    Nuff said.
    I suggest you cover the side of a barn or even pre-fab w/ that fabulous aged material..metal, of some sort. 🙂
    Just a city one craving some quiet.

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