Sledding: Life in Microcosm

My “Flexible Flyer” sled.

I love sledding.  I love sharing sledding with people, mostly kids.  It’s difficult to sell adults on sledding when they have been out of practice.

I think I’m old enough to know I’m not going to outgrow sledding.  And here’s why.

Sledding is not about the “whe-e-e-e!!!” part of going down the hill.  Sledding is about walking up the hill.  And I like walking up the hill.

People who don’t like walking up the hill, don’t like sledding.

Life is a lot like sledding.  A long, uphill walk, interspersed with exhilarating moments of “whe-e-e-e!!!”

I hope you enjoy the walk.

3 Responses to Sledding: Life in Microcosm

  1. karen says:

    I’m from Illinois originally. I LOVE sledding.
    My parents gave us little red short skis one holiday and we flew down the hill, no poles…what are those? hahah…Perhaps they were trying to knock…naw.
    Oh…love that picture. Even love our old taboggen I saw in the garage last summer while visiting.
    Cool. When can we join in??

  2. curiousfarmer says:

    Thanks Karen for your comments! It’s great to hear from someone enjoying the blog!

  3. I wouldn’t mind the hill if it wasn’t so dammed steep.

    I see you moved to your own URL. Enjoy the new digs.

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