Mothers and Farmers Always Appreciate a Good Poop

We had a cold, hard rain last night.  249 wasn’t with her calf that was born yesterday.  She was looking in the next pasture.  I drove around in the next pasture.

Sure enough, the little shit had gotten separated and went throught the barb-wire fence in the storm.  He was smart enough to find this cozy spot in the bushes.  I caught him and carried him over to the fence and put him under.

He went right to nursing.  I stuck around long enough to see him take a healthy milk poop.

The insect on the manure is Scathophagidae, or Common Yellow Dung-fly.  I have known this insect my whole life;  but until I researched  this post, I didn’t know its name.

3 Responses to Mothers and Farmers Always Appreciate a Good Poop

  1. James Miller says:

    You did a great job combining something wonderful with something disgusting.

    From your photo It would almost appear that the calf is born with an ear tag… somehow I think that probably isn’t the case.

    Do you tag them right away after birth?

    How old do they have to be before they can get the second ear tag, so they can be like the big cows?

  2. curiousfarmer says:

    It’s only disgusting if you’re not a mother or farmer.
    We tag calves as soon as they have nursed, provided the mother will let us. We usually go out once a day and try to get all of the new calves tagged. If a calf gets older than a couple of days, they are very hard to catch.
    We put the second tag only in heifers that are joining our cowherd. That way if one tag is lost we still have a backup for identification.

  3. Jenn C says:

    Moms, farmers, and nurses!!!

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