Brown Thrasher Eggs

Bullfrog tadpole checking out the scenery above the water.  Look at how fast it has developed legs compared with the picture in the May 6th post, “Toads and Frogs, Living and Loving.”

Curiousfarmer started with an emphasis on Farmer, but over the first 100 posts, has evolved into an emphasis on Curious.  That’s good.  I can always be curious.

I started this blog to share what I know about farming.  I quickly realized how little I know, and how boring it is to only write what I know.  It’s way more fun and interesting to write what I am learning.

I made a mistake on the post, “Fragile Beginnings.” The eggs pictured were not from a Brown Thrasher.  The eggs pictured below are from a Brown Thrasher.

Because I wanted to write about the eggs pictured in “Fragile Beginnings,” I had to organize my thoughts.  I found out how little I knew, and what I did know was wrong.

I saw a Thrush fly out of the tall grass by the pond.  Then I saw the nest and assumed it belonged to the Thrush.  I snapped a picture and began to research Thrush on the internet.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any type of Thrush that resembled the bird I saw.  So I did some more research and came up with some suspects.  After a few more sightings, I knew the bird was a Brown Thrasher.  So I wrote the post.  There were no pictures I could find of Brown Thrasher eggs.

Today I was driving the ATV past a Gooseberry bush and a Brown Thrasher flew out of the middle of it.  I realized she may have a nest, so I checked it out.

“Crap!  This is what Brown Thrasher eggs look like.”

I returned and bothered the Brown Thrasher again and snapped a picture.  Now I know that there are Brown Thrasher eggs on the internet.

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