Milkweed and Monarch Caterpillar

Common Milkweed (Asclepias syriaca) pod.

Milkweed is an incredible plant.  According to Sam Thayer, there are six vegetables available from Milkweed, (shoots, leafy tops, flower buds, flowers, immature pods, and white).  I’ve only eaten shoots, flower buds, flowers, and pods.  It’s fun to mark the summer season as one part of the plant goes out, and another comes in.

It’s also fun to look for monarch caterpillars (Danaus plexippus).  Look at the little guy in the picture below.

What an amazing life he is going to have.  All he does now is eat and poop.  Pretty soon he’ll form a chrysalis and take a nap for a fortnight.  Then he’ll crawl out and wait for the new things on his back to dry.  Then… fly!

2 Responses to Milkweed and Monarch Caterpillar

  1. Karen Ferguson says:

    ohhhhh …I remember these from my childhood. I always thought they were soooo soft and I remember opening them up and spreading them around, watching them “fly” off.

    Thank you for the memories!!
    Karen in Ca.

  2. curiousfarmer says:

    Your welcome, Karen!

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