Weaned Calves

Calves in the corral, separated from their mothers.  We weaned all of the calves, October 14th.

After sorting the cows away from the calves, we run the calves into the catch-chute one at a time to administer a couple of vaccine cocktails.  We use what our vet. recommends, and what is common in the industry.  Ultrabac 7/Somnubac is $1/dose.  Vira Shield 6 + Somnus is $2/dose.

The vaccines cover about a dozen diseases, or strains of a disease.  I have a difficult time believing one can get a good immune response to all.  But in the vaccine’s defense, we have lost a calf from Blackleg, but never after vaccinating.

Below is a view down the alleyway leading to the catch-chute.

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