Down Corn

This was my worst field of down corn, Monday, after the severe storm.  We received close to three inches of rain in less than an hour.  Wind speeds of 70 mph were reported.

I was shocked when I looked out and saw the fields.  I examined it right away and figured it was a total loss, but held out hope because I only found one stalk snapped off.  Sometimes corn can pull itself back up if it’s early enough in the growing season.

And thankfully, that’s what our corn did.  The picture below is of the same field  on Friday.  The mud on the leaves shows how down it was.

Before me, Citygirlfriend had never known someone who actually talked about the weather.  I think she’s starting to see why we do.

One Response to Down Corn

  1. Oh my!!! The miracle of NATURE never ceases to amaze me.
    Thank you sooo much for these pictures….I’m so grateful you are such a conscious producer of my food….
    Love these…
    And, I pray that the weather stays cooperative from now until harvest!!!!
    Lambsquarters! yes…!!! I want to try it. Let’s talk.

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