Square-Foot Saturday 25, October 15, 2011

My friend Mark came over on Tuesday and helped me sort the cows away from the calves.  Then we ran them through the chute and gave them their second round of vaccinations.

We like to leave them in the corral for a couple of days until the bawling slows.  If you move them right away, the cows will go through about any fence just to stand next to their calf.  It’s probably driven by milk hormones.  After three days the cows are ready to go to greener pastures.

Unfortunately we received two inches of rain on Wednesday.  The corral dirt turned into slop, and Dad and I had to slog through the mud to sort and move the calves.  The steers are now at my farm, and the heifers are at my parent’s farm.

We still haven’t had a hard frost.  The light frost of a few weeks ago only browned the pumpkin and squash leaves.

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