Wood Cutting Season

It’s wood cutting season.  I’ve written before about windows on the farm.  The wood cutting window is after harvest is finished, and bedding bales are made, and calves are weaned, and cows are pregnancy checked, and all the livestock is secure in their wintering grounds, but before the snow.

Wood cut in this window is a pleasure.  I’m sure its just mental gymnastics, because cutting wood is hard work anytime, but wood cut at this time almost seems easy, because we know how difficult it will be when the snow is deep.

3 Responses to Wood Cutting Season

  1. chris says:

    . . . . AND there must be comfort in seasonal rituals. Will you also cut a Christmas tree?

  2. bc says:

    Nice old Deutz. You’d fit in well out here, I’ve seen a couple of those in use as daily drivers.

  3. Jeanenne says:

    I totally understand, having helped my dad cut wood as a girl growing up. There is a LOT of satisfaction in stepping back and admiring a couple of cords of wood, all stacked and stored, ready for a long cold winter. I never tire of seeing long rows of stacked wood. My favorite saying about burning wood: He who heats with wood warms himself twice.

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