Sow and Calves, Getting Acquainted

The steer calves, with one adventurous sow.

You can see the two-strand electric fence.  In the industry we refer to this as a psychological fence.  Hogs and cattle are easily trained to electric fence.  The fence around the other lot is a physical fence, with five-foot high cattle panels and two boards, attached to wooden posts.

While I hate to anthropomorphize and say they’re  friends, I will say they’ve gotten acquainted.

2 Responses to Sow and Calves, Getting Acquainted

  1. Diana says:

    That is THE most beautiful pig I think I have ever seen! What does she eat? Is she organic?

  2. curiousfarmer says:

    Thanks, Diana. No, our farm isn’t certified organic.
    She eats five pounds per day of a corn/soybean meal/ vitamin and mineral mix, which I grind and mix on the farm. What’s interesting is the amount of time the sows are out rooting around in the dirt and eating the calves’ hay.

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