New Ritchie Waterer

I put a new waterer in this past fall.  One disadvantage to my farm is I don’t have a dependable, natural source of water.  I do have a waterway in my pasture which always flows with water in the spring, dries up during the summer, and is frozen during the winter.

As I wrote in “Sow Housing,” I’m housing different species of livestock together, so it’s convenient to have a heated combination waterer to water both cattle and hogs.  I also have some cows which I wanted to keep separate from their calves after weaning, so it’s also convenient that the waterer has two sides.

What did I pay for all this heated convenience?  $1300 installed.

I put up a temporary fence for the winter so the cows could access the waterer from the yard.  They are being fed hay on the cornstalks.  Unfortunately, the winter has been so mild, the ground hasn’t stayed frozen, so they are damaging a hay field they need to walk across.

Below is a picture of the inside.  The water pipes and heating elements are easily visible.  The thermostat is the round knob towards the top.

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