Planted Pig Pasture

This one acre field was used last winter for the steers.  I fed hay and bedded them down with straw.  Once I turned the steers out to pasture, I loaded the manure which had accumulated over the winter and spread it on the rye field which was then tilled and planted to corn.

After allowing the soil to dry, I tilled this field and then planted barley and rapeseed on April 27th.  The field doesn’t look like much now, but it will be beautiful in six weeks when its ready for grazing.

The unfortunately named rapeseed also produces a beautiful yellow flower.  Rapeseed has two leaves with two segments each, which almost makes it look a 4-leaf clover.  This is the same plant which Canola oil is made from.

One Response to Planted Pig Pasture

  1. bc says:

    Looking good! In France rapeseed is called colza and there’s a lot of it here in the SW. It gets seeded in the fall. About a month ago the region was awash in yellow colza fields. They sometimes use it for winter grazing, too.

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