Crinkly-Ear Sow Farrowed/Restaurant Visit

The sow I wrote about earlier, (let’s call her Crinkly-Ear), farrowed.  She picked out a shady spot under an oak tree, far away from the rest of the herd.  She had twelve beautiful piglets.

When a piglet is born, it is covered in a thin membrane.  It takes a few minutes to dry and rub off.  A healthy piglet shakes off the stress of birth rapidly, and is up and struggling with its siblings for a teat.

The chef and crew at Dayton Street Grille came for a visit.  I love when a restaurant comes for a visit.  It shows they aren’t just using the “local” angle for marketing, but really care about the food they’re serving.

I took them for a hayrack ride and showed them the cattle grazing and Crinkly-Ear’s litter.  They’re holding some day-old piglets in the photo.  I drove the tractor and Shepherd provided the color commentary.

Then they got the bonus tour because a sow was farrowing up near the barnyard.  They got to see me reach in and pull out a piglet that was coming backwards.  One guy even touched the slimy newborn.  Thank you Dayton Street Grille.

3 Responses to Crinkly-Ear Sow Farrowed/Restaurant Visit

  1. chris says:

    This is so real and basic–land, animals, food, gratitude.

  2. pfj says:

    Hayrack rides and piglets and rescued dogs seem like could all be great additions to a reality show.

  3. Yeah, the piglet before the one I pulled, was born slow and took a long time to breathe properly. I cleaned the gunk off its mouth and rubbed it, all while telling the people it would live, then worried it was going to die as it took a deep breath every five to ten seconds. It lived.

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