3rd Cutting of Hay by July 28th

I started the 3rd cutting of hay today, July 28th.  This is incredibly early for me.  Usually I’m taking the 3rd cutting towards the end of August.  The first two cuttings were taken May 22nd and June 20th.

I wrote earlier about how light the second cutting was because of the drought.  3rd cutting looks to be even lighter.  I’m grazing more of 3rd cutting where I can, because it’s more efficient than haying when the crop is light.  The field I cut is in an inconvenient place to graze, so I’m going to square-bale it.

We got an inch and a half of rain last week.  I’m hoping this signals the end of the drought and it will continue to rain regularly.  I may actually have a corn crop if that happens.  My hay fields and pastures will start to grow again as well.

One Response to 3rd Cutting of Hay by July 28th

  1. chris says:

    I hope you prosper.

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