Goodbye to Cow 521

We pregnancy-checked my parents’ spring-calving cows a few weeks ago.  Cow 521 came up open.  I have always liked this cow and I posted a picture of her a couple of years ago, shown below.

I am tempted to add her to my fall-calving herd which is in the midst of breeding season now, but instead I chose to buy cow 447, which the vet said he thought may be pregnant, but only a month along.  447 is a better bet than 521 because it’s unknown why 521 is open.  She may have reproductive problems which render her infertile.

Still, it’s sad to see her go.

3 Responses to Goodbye to Cow 521

  1. What happens to her–where does she go?

  2. amyparmenter says:

    goodbye 521. You were a good girl, even though you’re ‘open’. the warmth of your spirit lives on…

    Amy Parmenter

  3. Thanks Amy and Tara.
    When a cow is not productive, (pregnant or nursing), she becomes beef.

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