2013 Spring Farrowing Update

Sow at Farrowing Hut

Spring starts at 7:02 AM tomorrow and 10 F is predicted with 16 MPH winds putting the wind chill below zero.  Last year it was 80 F.  With so much of my life revolving around it, the Weather is never boring.

The litters are doing well.  Less than a handful of piglets have died after the first trouble.  I’m using more straw now instead of wood shavings for warmth and adding a couple of slices daily.

In the photo below you can see scabbing on some of the piglets faces.  This is caused by fighting among the littermates.  Piglets are born with eight very sharp “needle” teeth.  It’s common in the industry to clip the tip of each tooth off with a sidecut pliers.  Sometimes the open wounds can lead to an infection.  I don’t clip the teeth and it doesn’t seem to be a problem other than the scabbing.

Piglets in Farrowing Hut

3 Responses to 2013 Spring Farrowing Update

  1. Lis says:

    Beautiful! The strong will survive (with your help). I never knew about the baby teeth…

  2. Glad to see the little guys doing so well in this cold weather. I am amazed that they do so well with not much fur and being so small.

  3. The wounds on the piglets’s faces can turn into greasy pig which is a bacterial infection that goes bad. An iodine bath may help. Not using the same location for multiple farrowings helps avoid the problem. This may be why in the warm months sows farrow in a fresh spot and then four to ten days later move their piglets to a new spot to avoid disease.

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