Madison Primal/Paleo Meetup

Madison Primal/Paleo Meetup

The Madison Primal/Paleo Meetup group toured our farm Sunday morning.  It’s always fun meeting new people who are engaged and interested in what we do.  Most were from the Madison area, but a few were from as far away as Michigan and Iowa.

I showed them a bred gilt who I predicted would farrow within a week.  She farrowed much sooner than that.  By 5 pm she had twelve nice piglets.  I wish the meetup could have seen it.


4 Responses to Madison Primal/Paleo Meetup

  1. wisetara says:

    The piglets are adorable. BUT WHERE IS MOM’S HEAD?? She still has a head, right?

  2. Wished I could have been there, would love to see your farm someday.

  3. Gordon, you’re welcome anytime.
    Tara, the gilt is wide-shouldered and so without a pillow to support her head, and perhaps the camera angle, we don’t see her head.

  4. jivanch says:

    Definitely have to fix the WordPress ID thing…this is Cheryl Child (the back end of jivanch). I have been Primal/Paleo for almost 2 years now and it’s definitely the formula that finally got the fat off. I could always lose weight, but never the fat. Now I’m at less than 20% body fat compared to 35% when I started. Glad you’re a pig farmer!

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