Longhorn Beetle: Brown Prionid


In an Inordinate Fondness for Beetles, Arthur V. Evans and C. L. Bellamy write that if you line up all the plant and animal species, every fifth one would be a type of beetle.  I came across this beauty when I moved a down tree.

I knew I was probably looking at a beetle and started to research which one I had found.  I quickly figured out I was looking at a beetle from the Long-horned beetle family, (Cerambycidae), but I couldn’t narrow it down from there.

A friend who was visiting the farm mentioned his Dad was an entomologist and I was able to send him my photos and he identified the beetle as a Brown Prionid,  Orthosoma brunneum.  As my experience indicates, Brown Prionid feeds and lays its eggs in decaying wood.


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