2014 New Hay Seeding

The snow all melted and ran off and we found out we are in a drought!  We’re dry.  The ditches which always run with water in the spring are empty.  Still, there is no cure for a drought like a good rain, and they are calling for rain this weekend.

I’m happy because I planted my oats/hay seeding the last two days.  I saw John and his Dad  in town on Tuesday pulling their purchased oat seed on a flat rack trailer.  I told my Dad we’d better get our oat seed picked up.

So we picked up the oat seed Wednesday morning, and started discing Wednesday afternoon.  We were worried about it being too wet, but it worked up nice, didn’t ball or stick to the disc blades.  I let the soil dry for a day, then hit it with the disc again, then planted.

I thought it would be good to report on my planting this year, as I’ve tried many different recipes in the past, but have kind of settled on a favorite.  All of the following figures are per acre.

2.5 bushels Jerry oats as cover crop.  Plan to cut and bale sometime in boot/dough stage in June.

13 lbs FSG 408DP alfalfa.  I paid a little more for this variety because they say it’s for hay or grazing, with lowerset crowns than the typical alfalfa.  The crowns are where new growth comes from and they can be damaged by wheel or hoof traffic.

4 lbs Extend Orchardgrass.

2.5 lbs Gain Festulolium.


2 Responses to 2014 New Hay Seeding

  1. grasspunk says:

    You have an interesting hay mix. Festolium, eh. After seeding alfalfa/orchardgrass a couple of years ago I’m finding volunteer meadow fescue and it works very well with the alfalfa. I wish I had more! So I might add it to the mix next time, a bit like you’ve done with the festolium.

    That heifer selling link was good too.

  2. Thanks, Brett.
    I wanted Meadow Fescue this year, but my supplier couldn’t find it anywhere.
    We have a volunteer Meadow Fescue in our pastures that is very palatable. I like the stuff.

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