Annual Pollinator Mix, Planned Pig Pasture



I was wondering what to plant for my annual pig pasture when I stumbled across an Annual Pollinator Mix on the Lacrosse Forages blog.  I ordered it from my local supplier, and with some delays, finally planted it April 16th.

The Annual Pollinator Mix contains eight different flowering plants with many of them legumes.  Its supposed to improve the soil and benefit pollinators.  My thought is it would make a decent pig pasture as well.  I also planted two bushels of Jerry oats per acre.

The Jerry oats cost $8.20 per bushel, so at two bushels per acre the cost for the oats is $16.40 per acre.  The Annual Pollinator Mix cost $181 per 50 lb bag.  I planted 18 lbs per acre so the cost for the Annual Pollinator Mix is $65 per acre.  I actually hadn’t figured out the cost until now, and its pricier than I expected.  It better be pretty!

I came across a short Ted talk and video by Louie Schwartzberg about pollinators.  Its really good, and did I mention its short?

I’ll keep you updated as the pasture progresses.

4 Responses to Annual Pollinator Mix, Planned Pig Pasture

  1. Keep us posted Mathew, I will be interested how well it works.

  2. Thanks, Gordon! I will.
    I forgot to mention there is a part in the video where bats are feeding on cacti, and a momma bat is flying with a baby holding and nursing on her. I didn’t know they did that, but it makes sense. Life is amazing!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Matt, I think many people appreciate your ongoing information and ‘reports’ — thanks for this continuing blog.

  4. Thanks, Anonymous! I don’t know about ‘many’, but I’m glad you appreciate it!

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