Resilient Swine



December 18th, 2016, 4 pm.  3 degrees below zero Farenheit, 17 degrees below zero windchill.  8 week old piglets with their mothers.

Pigs are resilient.  I continue to be amazed at just how resilient.  My background and education in the commodity swine industry tells me these piglets should just die in this environment, but I’ve always tried to be one who observes what is actually happening, rather than closing my eyes and “knowing” what should be happening.

I have a hoop building cleaned and bedded with feed in the feeder.  I’ve been trying to let the piglets self-wean for a few days, and even though they are going in the hoop building to eat feed, they prefer to spend their resting time with their mothers.  I guess I’ll corral them one of these days to finish the weaning process.



3 Responses to Resilient Swine

  1. Edmund says:

    I had a sow that farrowed later than the others, and later than my planned farrowing window. The piglets are 8 weeks old and just went through a -12 degree night (no wind) snuggled with their momma and a few other dried off sows. Their bedding situation was even more rustic than the photo you show here. I just gave them some round bales next to some trees to get out of the wind.

    I’m impressed too.

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