2019 Herd Boars



The best two herd boars I think I’ve ever had are Father and Son.  Zone, pictured above is out of an AI mating, Waldo Duroc, Red Zone.  I had been having trouble with my boars not having much mating desire, but Zone is excellent.  The only problem is he is also people aggressive, but I think I can continue to work with him if I’m careful.

He is being mated to Chester White sows out of an AI mating, Longevity.  They will farrow this spring and I’ll evaluate them again.  The Chester White gilts definitely had less piglets born and saved than my Landrace gilts in the past.


End Zone is pictured above.  He is a son of Zone.  He is being mated to Rising Sun Duroc gilts for early summer litters.  The Rising Sun gilts have very friendly personalities, but we’ll see how they do as mothers.



Another photo of Zone.  He has a lot of length.  He is also getting tall as you can see he has to duck to get out of his shelter, pictured below.


6 Responses to 2019 Herd Boars

  1. Dave Perozzi says:

    Good looking boars. Something we’ve discussed here is marbling and finding boars that bring a more consistent marbling to the loin. Not necessarily looking for a Wagyu beef level of marbling, but just a little more fat in the muscle rather than over it. I’m curious if intramuscular fat comes into play in your decision making.

    • Yes, the AI boars I use are noteworthy for meat quality of which marbling is one component. I usually ask them to pick a boar with meat quality and good mothering genetics, and it seems like everything else is fine most of the time. If not, the best tool we have is selection and culling.

  2. They look good Mathew, too bad we are not closer to your farm, we would love to see them and buy some of the meat fro their offspring.

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