Broiler Chickens to Pasture-April 2019


Right on schedule, we moved the broiler chicks out of the brooder house into their pasture pens on Good Friday, last week.  The first night was cold, so we put down some wood shavings for bedding, but its warmed up nicely.  They’ve been enjoying their daily moves to fresh pasture.  We should have freshly frozen chicken at market, Memorial Day weekend.


A new addition to market is our brown and blue eggs from our layer chickens.  Many have remarked about the quality, flavor, and orange yolks.  If you have any doubts about the benefits of pastured meat, eggs, or milk, the dramatic change in our eggs when the snow melts and the hens begin to forage for pasture and other critters would make you a believer!

One Response to Broiler Chickens to Pasture-April 2019

  1. Anonymous says:

    Some years ago, we spent a few weeks in France, near Lyon. Bought very fresh eggs locally, from a women who said the chickens were still on their nests, and complaining and clucking when she gathered them.

    We were astonished when we tried to crack an egg on the side of a bowl — to make an omelet — the shell was so thick, it just bounced. We had to get serious, in order to actually crack those eggs.

    The shells on supermarket eggs in the U.S. are so thin and fragile, they’re like tissue paper.

    So one measure of a good egg ought to be . . . how strong and thick is the shell?

    In addition to how much, much better they taste.

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