2020 Spring Tillage


Think spring!  We are anticipating summer sweet corn and a big garden this year.

These lactating Chester White sows are doing some of the spring tillage work for me.  I turned them into this new area today.

Their neck muscles are incredibly strong!  One of the first things a swine herder learns is to keep their sorting panel low, if a swine gets their nose under your panel, you and your panel will be airborne with a flip of the head.


4 Responses to 2020 Spring Tillage

  1. Grasspunk says:

    I’m sitting at my RSS reader complaining that there is nothing going on in the world and everybody is talking about the same thing when I see some awesome sows. Well done

  2. Those sows will do a good job tilling that plot for you plus adding some fertilizer, it’s how my great grandparents used to farm.

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