Peas and Oats


Planted April 6.  I replant our annual Pig Pastures in the spring and they are ready to graze in 6 weeks.

These photos are from a paddock that is 9 weeks after planting.  The peas are flowering and the oats are heading out.

This year I also planted an understory of Red Clover and Bluegrass which will come on later if the pig don’t root too much.

UPDATE: Taking orders for delivery every other Saturday to Madison. Next date July 11th.  Email Matthew with order and/or questions: Thank you!


2 Responses to Peas and Oats

  1. Anonymous says:

    It is so wonderful to see these pictures . . . what a fabulous change from “factory farms.”

    Have you considered adding your farm to the “Experiences” section of AirBnB ? I don’t think it’s necessary to have people stay with you — just advertise a two-hour tour of a real farm (including a substantial snack might be good). Expose them to genuine farming.

    • Thanks, Anonymous! I checked out “experiences”, looks like fun. The wheels are churning, my introversion limits me. We’ve actually had more farm visitors in the last three months than we’ve had in the last three years. We maintained our distance and showed them around, and they were here to purchase meat.

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