Compost Pile

I’m sharing my compost this year, so I’ve been working more diligently on it and am happy how its turned out.

Its hard to believe that a cow we lost to lightning in the spring has almost completely turned into soil.

UPDATE: Taking orders for delivery every other Saturday to Madison. Next date November 14th.  Email Matthew with order and/or questions: Thank you!

4 Responses to Compost Pile

  1. Dave Perozzi says:

    What’s your method been for tending the compost pile this year?

    • Hi Dave, the first half of the year I kept adding and turning, and then because I knew I wanted a finished product by fall I eventually stopped adding fresh and just kept turning, probably biweekly, but whenever I felt like it needed it, basically. Looks pretty good now.

  2. I’m sorry about your cow yet you managed to turn it, evolve it. Those even a bit close to farming seem to have that opportunity more: ebb and flow, seasons lessons, death and life. Thanks for sharing this story.

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