Celebrate: Mary and Charlie

Mary and Charlie, outside their home.

Dane County Farmer’s Market is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year!

The Dane County Farmer’s Market, (DCFM), is a big part of our life.  And I realized, for many of our regular customers, it’s also a big part of their life.

Because just as regular vendors make a market, so do regular customers.  It’s a community. 

So we are going to celebrate this community with an ongoing series.


Mary and Charlie have allowed Curiousfarmer to use their driveway during our winter meat drops and all during the pandemic.  They are my last stop and Mary always gives my coffee thermos a much needed refill.

They have been a fixture of local markets and local food since the beginning.  You can often see Mary biking to or from a Saturday market laden with her goodies.  We really appreciate Mary and Charlie.  Thank you!

Name: Mary and Charlie Mussey

How long have you been attending DCFM? 

 When did it start? That’s when:)

A DCFM memory: 

 We had a lovely pussy willow tree at our first house on the southside in 1982. I was able to get a spot at the first 2 DCFM of the spring to sell cuttings. I had some rooted and some dried. I sold them as “Mussey’ Fuzzies” and sold out the at the first market!

How long have you been enjoying Curiousfarmer? 

Since we picked up our turkey when Eric left the market. We saw how happy your animals were out in the sunshine with fresh food and sunshine. We’ve been eating “happy meat” ever since.

Favorite CF product: Brisket

A go to meal for your family: Corned beef made with irish ginger beer and German pilsner beer. That reflects my maternal grandparents, Josephine Schmidt and Thomas O’Brien. You can guess who ruled the roost of 8 kids!

Thank you!

One Response to Celebrate: Mary and Charlie

  1. mk mussey says:

    Thanks for providing us with the happy meats we are so pleased to eat and share. We’re going to miss our coffee talks in the garage in any kind of weather,too. Best to Isabel and Romie.
    Take care, Mary and Charlie

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