Celebrate: Stephanie and Mitch

Dane County Farmer’s Market is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year!

The Dane County Farmer’s Market, (DCFM), is a big part of our life.  And I realized, for many of our regular customers, it’s also a big part of their life.

Because just as regular vendors make a market, so do regular customers.  It’s a community. 

So we are going to celebrate this community with an ongoing series.


Not all the customers have been attending for decades, its nice to see newer customers as well.

Its been great getting to know Stephanie and Mitch the last few years.  Thank you, Stephanie and Mitch!

Name: Stephanie and Mitchell

How long have you been attending DCFM? About 3 years

DCFM memory: Our favorite times at the market are when we get there early, so it’s just starting to get warm and there aren’t many other customers yet. It’s nice and peaceful and you have more time to talk to the vendors. We also make a morning out of it and often get coffee at Ancora afterwards. 

Curiousfarmer Favorite: Ground beef because it’s so versatile and Turkey for thanksgiving.

Go to meal: Beef and broccoli, with the stew meat.

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