Celebrate: Alyssa and Dean

Dane County Farmer’s Market is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year!

The Dane County Farmer’s Market, (DCFM), is a big part of our life.  And I realized, for many of our regular customers, it’s also a big part of their life.

Because just as regular vendors make a market, so do regular customers.  It’s a community. 

So we are going to celebrate this community with an ongoing series.


When I asked for stories, I knew they would be interesting, and Alyssa and Dean are no exception, read on to find out.  Thank you, Alyssa and Dean!

Name: Alyssa and Dean

How long have you been attending DCFM?

Alyssa has been shopping DCFM for approximately 30 years.  She started going when she was in college and has been a regular ever since.  Dean is from WI, but lived in Indiana for many years. He has been shopping DCFM since meeting Alyssa and moving to Madison 7 years ago. 

DCFM memory:

Our favorite DCFM memory is that our second date was planned around a trip to the market.  Alyssa gave Dean her personal tour of the market, we did the fossil scavenger hunt in the capitol and watched the market from the observation deck, then picked out some beautiful pots of purple asters for Dean to take back to his patio in Indiana, and finally a late outdoor lunch at Graze. He has a photo of Alyssa holding the asters and it’s still one of his favorites.  The Dane County Farmers Market has a very special place in our hearts for so many reasons. 

Curiousfarmer Favorite:

We have two favorites…the beef tenderloin and the breakfast sausage links!

Go to meal:

Breakfast Bundles (aka “burritos”): Hickory Hill Farm eggs, Hook’s 6 year cheddar, Curious Farmer breakfast sausage, Snug Haven spinach, onion, tater tots, Penzey’s Bavarian Blend seasoning, Bushel & Peck’s Cherry Bomb hot sauce all wrapped in a tortilla. Simple and delicious every time!

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