Celebrate: Larry and Greta

Dane County Farmer’s Market is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year!

The Dane County Farmer’s Market, (DCFM), is a big part of our life.  And I realized, for many of our regular customers, it’s also a big part of their life.

Because just as regular vendors make a market, so do regular customers.  It’s a community. 

So we are going to celebrate this community with an ongoing series.


It’s always good to see Larry and Greta at market.  Larry is even one of the few people to give me positive feedback about blog posts.  He doesn’t even seem to mind the ones that are too long.  Thank you, Larry and Greta!

How long have you been attending DCFM:  Since we moved to Madison 20 years ago this fall.

DCFM memory:  The relationships with vendors.  With apologies to Matthew, we’ve known some vendors for all of those 20 years.  They’ve seen our kids grow up and we’ve visited some of their farms.

Curious Farmer favorite:  Selfishly I don’t want to say but flat iron steak, skirt steak and brisket are all really great cuts.

Go to meal:  With the flat iron or skirt, just hit them with some lime juice, salt and pepper before grilling and chopping for taco Tuesdays.  

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