Meat Diet: Observations

Can a person survive on meat and eggs for six weeks?  Yes!  The “meat diet” is finished.  Thank you for your interest and encouragement. 

I will be fasting tonight, drawing blood tomorrow morning, and posting the results by Tuesday evening if all goes as planned.

Until then, here are my observations:

Diet:  Red meat, chicken, fish, eggs, coffee, tea, water.  This is a high fat/saturated fat, moderate protein, very low to no carb diet.

Age:  39 years.

Weight lost:  15 lbs. 166 lbs. beginning weight, 151 lbs. ending weight.   After initial 5 lbs. water loss in first two days, lost about 1.5 lbs. per week.  Weights are taken first thing in the morning.

Body fat at 153 lbs.:  15.6% body fat. 

Circumference measurements at 153 lbs.:  upper arm 12.25″, chest 34.5″, hip 36.25″, abdominal 32.5″, thigh 20″.

Food:  Most cooked on “George Foreman grill.”  No condiments used so as to avoid carbs.

Hunger:  Nothing excessive, less than usual.  Craved variety.  Enjoyed organ meats for the first time in my life.  Ate meat more rare.  Began eating the external fat on steaks.  Had difficulty eating lean meat such as chicken breast.

Amount eaten:  Ate until I was full, but, important to note, I always felt I could have eaten carbs with my meal and would have taken dessert if I could have.

Bowel function:  Less regular, 5 times per week, very dark, never constipated, loose stool 4 times over the six weeks.

Teeth:  More calculus formation.  Bacteria in mouth must have changed.  I brush 3 times per day.

Allergies:  Less, clearer nasal passages.

Exercise:  Walking, farming, played basketball twice.

Energy:  More even, always had enough.

Emotions:  More even.

Mental function:  No change noted.  Writing more than ever.

I plan to introduce carbs back into my diet slowly beginning tomorrow.  I will start a new diet journal to document the amount of carbs eaten and corresponding weight change.

If my blood work is not extremely negative I will stay on a modified version of this diet for the next year and will retest my blood February 2010, God willing.

3 Responses to Meat Diet: Observations

  1. JLMA says:

    May I ask a few questions, please?
    1/ would you put salt and or pepper in your meat back then?
    2/ did you ever post your lab results? If so, where?
    3/ how many times a day would you eat?
    4/ what were your observations once you started introducing carbs in your diet?
    5/ would you have eaten less meat at each meal if veggies had also been a part of the diet?
    6/ six years later, what is now your opinion on that meat-only diet?
    Thank you very much. This is a very interesting report.

  2. Hi JLMA,
    You’ve discovered some ancient history on here. I’ll post some links that will answer some of your questions. Let me know if it doesn’t work for some reason. WordPress keeps changing on me.
    1. I put a little salt when I cooked and on my eggs.
    2. My cholesterol doubled, but we didn’t know to check the different particle sizes of the bad. Sounds like that would tell more of the story.
    3. 3 or 4 times per day.
    4. I crash and burn and eat to elevate my mood when carbs are in my diet. I’ve gained all the weight back and then some. Not good.
    5. I don’t think so. Veggies are great, but they seem to do almost nothing to satiate hunger for me.
    6. If I didn’t have a family which requires certain concessions in life, I would be on some type of a modified meat diet to control my weight. I would take my chances with elevated cholesterol if I could stay lean.
    Thanks for your interest. What are your thoughts?

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