Planting Oats




My niece and I planting oats/barley.  In the background is my house and red barn.  The three white buildings over the top of my head are called “hoop buildings.”  This is where most of our hogs are raised.

This field was corn last year.  I plant a mix of oats and barley.  It will be combined about August 1 and used as hog feed.  The straw will be baled and used as bedding in the hoop buildings.  We also plant alfalfa and grasses now as an underseeding.  It will grow up under the oats and will be grazed by the cows in the fall.  Next year it will be an alfalfa/grass hay field.  It will remain a hay field for three years, then one to two years corn, then back to oats.  That is our crop rotation.  Check out my seeding recipes here.

2 Responses to Planting Oats

  1. James says:

    Cool picture.

    For some reason I expected the farm machinery to be much larger. Is that about the normal size of most equipment for farmers in your area or does it vary quite a bit?

  2. curiousfarmer says:

    That’s a twelve foot grain drill which is average. We always use the smallest tratctor able to perform the job which is something my Dad taught me. Two reasons for this: fuel efficiency and soil compaction.

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